What is Eco-Friendly Travel?

Eco-friendly travel, sometimes replaced by sustainable or green travel, directs to a greener travel alternative. Sustainable travel acknowledges the social, environmental, and economic effects of travelling. It seeks to minimize these effects. As a method to deny the adverse effects of travel, eco-travelling prioritize responsible and sustainable practices. 

Many people incorporate the broader practice of responsible travel, which highlights particular actions within per local community; responsible travel addresses the harmful environmental effect of travel and its effects on local economies.

Tips for Sustainable Travel

1. Carry a spill-proof tumbler or aluminum water bottle

After you complete that long check-in at the airport, most of us go directly to Starbucks to bring a coffee while we wait hours for the flight. That’s the first disposable cup thrown into the landfill. Throughout your trip, you’ll go through 20-30 cups of equally unhealthy plastic water bottles that could fill up at least a garbage bag. You’re set with tossing a spill-proof tumbler and a reusable, eco-friendly water bottle into your bag. This is the #1 most important change you can make to keep your trip greener.

2. Choose Transport Options with Low Carbon Emissions

Whether you’re travelling locally or internationally, your transport choices matter a lot. As much as it seems luxurious to use private cars and the like, this leads to more carbon emissions.

Public transport is a great way to reduce the number of cars or vehicles on the road. As a result, it presents an environmentally-friendly option for moving around in a new place. On the other hand, taking the train or public bus is a great way to reduce emissions in the atmosphere. 

You can also use rental bikes to move around towns or cities. Again, through individual efforts come collective changes. These types of transport modes also enhance your sightseeing experience. You’ll feel closer to the locals and enjoy the whole tourist experience.

 Buying from and supporting local businesses

Buying from and supporting local businesses empowers the local economy. But this is not all. For example, local products do not involve transportation, require less packaging, and create more jobs.

Bring your bags, bottles and eco-friendly products

Take your shower products with you in reusable bottles, so you don’t have to use your hotel’s mini shampoos and body lotions. This way, you don’t add to the pile of waste at your holiday destination. Bring the water bottles you can refill and your bags to say no to plastic!

 Unplug your home: Before you exit your home for a trip, whether a weekend trip or a three-week-long trip, unplug everything in your house. Even if you’re not utilizing something, you have it plugged in, seeping energy from the grid. This not only saves electricity but also saves you money.

Shop Locally

Patronizing local markers and businesses are one of the essential eco-friendly travel tips. When you move to local markets or purchase from the locals, it assists you in reducing your environmental footprint. Also, shopping locally permits you to interact with people, meet other tourists and contribute to the economy. It opens up your viewpoint of the people’s cultural heritage as well. 

 Engage in Eco-Friendly Activities

It’s only standard that you’ll desire to seek adventure when you travel. Before quitting your hometown, you’ll probably have created an itinerary for all the movements you want to participate in.

Regarding eco-travelling, it’s crucial to think of environmentally-friendly actions. Anytime you travel, choose to maintain the places you visit. When making your bucket list, why not fill it with actions that you’re sure to have less effect on the environment? Things like hiking and cycling are great methods to reduce vehicle emissions.

Travelling slow

Travelling slowly minimizes the effect on the environment and preserves money. For example, choosing the train over different means of transportation reduces the ecological impact and is a cheaper option. But this is not all. Travelling slowly also permits you to enjoy the sight along the way.

Travel with sustainable, eco-friendly or fairtrade travel agencies

Choosing travel agencies and eco-friendly accommodations is another way to ensure your travels are as environmentally friendly as possible. While it’s more eco-friendly to stay close to home, sometimes you want to go further away. In that case, stay at an eco-accommodation like Loola Adventure Group. This is the number one eco-accommodation in Indonesia.

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