Have you ever heard of Dom Joly? You might know him as the comedian and presenter from the UK. But did you know that he’s not just a funny guy on TV? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at 10 surprising facts you didn’t know about Dom Joly.

Section 1: Childhood Adventures

Did you know that Dom Joly’s childhood was full of adventure? He grew up in Lebanon during the civil war. Despite the danger and chaos around him, he often went on wild and exciting expeditions with his friends. In an interview, he shared that they used to climb up buildings and shoot fireworks at each other. They even created an underground fort and secretly met there to plan their next adventure.

Section 2: Career Path

Dom Joly’s career path was far from traditional. Before he became a comedian, he worked as a photojournalist. He covered the Bosnian War and other conflicts, capturing powerful images that won him awards. He also wrote travel articles and produced TV shows. He only started doing comedy when he was in his thirties.

Section 3: Prank Show Success

One of Dom Joly’s most famous works is his prank show, Trigger Happy TV. Did you know that it was a huge success in the UK and even got adapted in other countries? In the show, he would perform hilarious and unexpected stunts in public places, catching people off guard. The show was so popular that he even released a book and DVD about it.

Section 4: Hidden Talents

Aside from being a comedian, Dom Joly has other hidden talents. He’s an avid sailor, having joined expeditions to explore the Antarctic and the Arctic. He also loves photography, and even has his own exhibition featuring his travel photos. But perhaps the most surprising talent he has is that he’s a licensed pilot. He learned how to fly planes out of boredom during a holiday and even owns his own plane.

Section 5: Political Ambitions

Did you know that Dom Joly once ran for parliament? In 2015, he joined the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and ran as a candidate in the General Election. He didn’t win, but he received thousands of votes. He also got into debates with other candidates and shared his views on various issues.

Section 6: Travel Enthusiast

Dom Joly is a travel enthusiast, and he has gone to some of the most exotic places on the planet. He even had his own TV show, Dom Joly’s Happy Hour, where he traveled to different countries and immersed himself in their cultures. One of his most memorable trips was to North Korea, where he got to see the country’s hidden gems and interact with its people.

Section 7: Humanitarian Efforts

Aside from his career, Dom Joly also makes time for humanitarian efforts. He’s a supporter of the charity organization, Save the Children, and has gone on missions to raise awareness about the struggles of children in war-torn areas. In 2017, he even joined a group that crossed the Andes mountains on foot to raise funds for the charity.


Q: What is Dom Joly most known for?
A: Dom Joly is most known for his prank show, Trigger Happy TV.

Q: What other talents does Dom Joly have?
A: Dom Joly is also a sailor, photographer, and licensed pilot.

Q: What is Dom Joly’s political affiliation?
A: Dom Joly was a member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and ran for parliament in 2015.

Q: What countries has Dom Joly traveled to?
A: Dom Joly has traveled to many countries, including North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Iraq.

Q: What charity organization does Dom Joly support?
A: Dom Joly supports the charity organization, Save the Children.

Q: What awards has Dom Joly won?
A: Dom Joly has won multiple awards for his photography and journalism, including the Amnesty International Media Award and the Prix Italia.

Q: What is Dom Joly’s latest project?
A: Dom Joly is currently working on a travel book about his experiences in North Korea.


As we’ve learned, Dom Joly is not just a comedian and presenter. He’s also an adventurer, a photographer, a pilot, and a humanitarian. He’s had a colorful and interesting life filled with surprises and achievements. We hope we’ve sparked your curiosity to learn more about this fascinating personality.

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