Andrea Marcovicci is a name that has left a significant impact on Broadway. She is an actress, singer, and cabaret performer who has been dubbed as the “Queen of Cabaret.” Her sultry voice has captivated audiences for years, earning her critical acclaim and a loyal following. In this blog post, we will explore the different aspects of her career and what makes her one of the most celebrated performers on Broadway.

Early Life and Career

Andrea Marcovicci was born in New York City in 1948. Her parents, Helen Stuart and Eugene Marcovicci, were both actors, which exposed her to the world of performing arts at a young age. She attended the High School of Performing Arts and later the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. Her early career included appearances on television shows and films such as “The Front” and “The Concorde…Airport ’79.”

Music Career

While Andrea Marcovicci started out as an actress, it was her singing voice that made her a star. In the early ’80s, she began performing in cabaret shows in New York and Los Angeles and quickly became known for her intimate performances. Her music career took off when she released her first album, “Andrea,” in 1981. Since then, she has released over 20 albums, including “Marcovicci Sings Movies,” which earned her a MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets) Award.

Broadway Career

Andrea Marcovicci made her Broadway debut in the 1974 production of “Ambassador.” However, it was her performance in the 1982 revival of “The King and I” that cemented her as a Broadway star. She went on to perform in several other Broadway shows, including “A Christmas Carol” and “Coco.” Her impeccable vocal range and acting ability made her a sought-after actress on the Great White Way.

Cabaret Career

Andrea Marcovicci is widely regarded as the Queen of Cabaret, and for a good reason. Her sultry voice and intimate performances have captivated audiences for years, earning her critical acclaim and a loyal following. She has performed in venues all over the world, including London’s Pizza on the Park, New York’s Oak Room at the Algonquin, and Los Angeles’ Cinegrill.

Awards and Accolades

Over the course of her career, Andrea Marcovicci has received numerous awards and accolades. She has been nominated for multiple Tony Awards and has won two Drama Desk Awards. She has also been honored with a MAC Lifetime Achievement Award, a Backstage Bistro Award, and a Noel Coward Foundation Award.

Personal Life

Andrea Marcovicci has been married twice. Her first marriage was to composer Daniel Reichert, and her second marriage was to businessman Daniel Sherman. She has one child, Alice, who is also an actress. In addition to her performing career, Marcovicci is also an advocate for breast cancer awareness and has raised money for research and treatment.


Andrea Marcovicci’s legacy is one of beauty, grace, and a unique talent for singing and performing. Her performances have touched millions of people all over the world, and her impact on Broadway and in the music industry is immeasurable. She will continue to be a source of inspiration and admiration for generations to come.


Andrea Marcovicci’s name will always be synonymous with cabaret, Broadway, and the performing arts. Her sultry voice, impeccable acting ability, and unique performances continue to captivate audiences, earning her a place in the pantheon of great performers. Her legacy will live on as a beacon of beauty, grace, and raw talent.


Q: When did Andrea Marcovicci start performing in cabaret shows?

A: Andrea Marcovicci started performing in cabaret shows in the early ’80s.

Q: How many albums has Andrea Marcovicci released?

A: Andrea Marcovicci has released over 20 albums.

Q: What revival did Andrea Marcovicci star in on Broadway?

A: Andrea Marcovicci starred in the 1982 revival of “The King and I.”

Q: How many Tony Awards has Andrea Marcovicci won?

A: Andrea Marcovicci has been nominated for multiple Tony Awards but has not won one.

Q: Is Andrea Marcovicci an advocate for breast cancer awareness?

A: Yes, Andrea Marcovicci is an advocate for breast cancer awareness and has raised money for research and treatment.

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