As we have arrived in the third quarter of 2022, you might want to peek back at your and your competitors’ online actions this year and see what online resources real estate buyers and vendors have utilized. The internet’s meaning in buying and selling houses continues to rise – 68% of home buyers used the internet someplace in the process, which guides us to believe that whisper advertising and property signs can support your professional activity but should not be its core anymore.

From property listing websites developed for browsing homes by people and those dedicated to meritorious residents through renting apps to website builders and online solutions for real estate professionals – we have studied every type of property listing websites and chosen the best of them.

International property listing websites


Zillow was established in 2006, and it’s the most extensive database worldwide, with over 135 million properties. It offers financial and “how-to” information regarding selling and purchasing properties. Through its app, you can see images, and videos, customize and save your search and get notifications about the latest properties.


Zoopla claims to have a firm comprehension of property values, and its sleek, businesslike website backs up these claims. They have put in the effort needed to become one of the most suitable property websites in the UK, which also concentrates on properties in other countries. They claim to comprehend that you want more than just a flat or house to call your own, and they deliver over a million options for you to look at.

Some customers may be disappointed with their international division. For example, during our search, we encountered that certain nations, like Georgia, showed as little as two properties for the deal. In contrast, other countries, like Turkey, France, Portugal, and Spain, showed as numerous as tens of thousands.

Prime Location – Find Your Dream Home

The UK’s Prime Location claims to be a leading goal online in the UK. They claim to assist purchasers in their search for the home of their dreams in the average to high price ranges. They showcase properties from over 60 countries, including Bulgaria, France, Croatia, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, Turkey, and other hotspot places drawing purchasers from all over the world. Their website obtains over 5 million unique visitors every month.

They’ve been around for 13 years and show more than real estate advertising. We find the property motivation area on their webpage particularly attractive since it gives us a peek into the luxurious lifestyles of the super-rich. Property listings are shown straightforwardly, including map locations, prices, information, and an inquiry form to learn more. A directory of agents is also furnished for easy telephone contact.

Just Property

Just Property is the most prominent and fast-emerging property website in the Middle East and UAE. It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface containing images of the properties, a quick description, and details on the area.


Redfin is believed to be among the best real estate websites, showing realtor-like tailored services and covering 90+ markets. It shows discounted commission rates, where you can select a fee between 1% and 2%, depending on the service. Regardless, among the cons is that the partner agents can be somewhat expensive.

Global Listings

According to the website, Global Listings have over 2,000,000 listings in 96 countries. Separated from properties, users can also find details such as market data, news connected to the real estate sector, or media partnership programs. Regardless, there is a downside that the agent’s details are not formed, and the only possible method to contact one is by filling in an inquiry box.


Kyero is one of the largest platforms in the world for purchasing Property in Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy. Agents worldwide record their properties, and buyers from across the Globe dwell on this platform to buy Property in these 4 European countries.

Property Finder

Property Finder is another viral real estate website in the Middle East. With an extended database, it covers the sales and rental marketplace of properties within Egypt, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, and Morocco.

A Place in the Sun

A Place in the Sun is a top overseas property outlet with more than 100,000 properties obtainable to browse from around the world. Search for your dream home and get in contact with estate agents, lawyers, and other property professionals to kick-start your overseas property purchase

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