LinkedIn is one platform worth your effort when using social media to find jobs or get career advice.

87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn. If you’re contending for a job, employers will often review your LinkedIn profile to suss you out, and maintaining a unique LinkedIn profile can support you stand out from the crowd.

Get Noticed

your profile should be optimized with content in as many sections as possible. Even if you don’t willingly supply recruiters with your LinkedIn profile URL, most will explore for and find it. It has been demonstrated that information found online significantly influences hiring decisions, and LinkedIn is the correct place to help you stand out from other candidates and get career advice.

Get Engaged

 Once you’ve addressed the basics, seek to add sections regularly – peek at your ‘profile strength meter’ and try to acquire (and maintain) an ‘all-star’ profile. Enter groups on LinkedIn, follow companies in which you are interested, use LinkedIn to research companies or people you might be interviewing, comment on articles, and post impressive links. The more active you are, the more importance you will acquire from LinkedIn and increase your chances for good career advice.

Send Connection Requests

The most helpful method to hold the LinkedIn professional network is by linking with more and more professionals.

You need not limit yourself to seeking LinkedIn career advice from selected career experts or mentors.

What then?

You can bear out to booming professionals in your field of interest and seek helpful LinkedIn career advice from them.

Consider Upgrading to a Jobseeker Premium Account: 

Suppose you’d like the entrance to premium tools, tutorials, and leads, the ability to become a ‘featured applicant,’ the capability to contact key managing in your industry, and access to exclusive groups. In that case, you may also consider becoming a Jobseeker Premium member. For other information about that solution, you’ll need to research its relevance by clicking on ‘Upgrade’ within your LinkedIn profile.

Join Mentorship

Of course, this component has two sides, as some people will use Career Advice as a mentor. For people desiring to help others, the procedure is parallel. LinkedIn will ask several questions to see what mentoring can be delivered.

Under its preview, the network has been automatically picking mentors. However, the plan is for any user to finally be able to become a mentor, provided they are qualified.

Tips on How to Find the Right Mentor

Whilst the benefits of using a large platform of professionals are transparent, the flip side is equally possible in numerous cases.

Hence, it is necessary to be active and find the right mentor in your best interests.

Job seekers often choose a mentor just by impulse or by reaching out to the first person they can find.

However, as we always highlight, all your conclusions must be data-driven and not a shot in the dark.

The most helpful way to select the right mentor is to do a background investigation on them and try to collect as much data as possible on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

You can consider their value simply by going through their LinkedIn profile in detail.

See if they have the right talents and knowledge, how many other professionals have supported them, and what they have to say.

Drive through some of their posts or articles to comprehend their standpoint.

If it reverberates with you and you are confident they are the right person to coach you, you may run out to them without hesitance.

So, you’ve landed your new job through LinkedIn. Time to log out of LinkedIn for good and leave those hard-earned social networking talents behind? Mistaken. LinkedIn is a beneficial networking tool regardless of your career stage.

Bryn recommends constantly modernizing your profile, publishing content related to your work, and reaching out once a month to a peer to stay on the radar in your network. “You must have your network before using it,” she says.

LinkedIn will also permit you to build your importance within your company. Margaret says LinkedIn is a way to communicate your knowledge and expertise with your colleagues, highlighting to your company that you’re a person with their finger on the pulse.

And via LinkedIn online learning, you can enhance your knowledge in over 5,000 subject areas.

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