Rumour mills have been stirring news about the upcoming PS5 Pro console for quite some time. Now, Chinese electronics company TCL says that the PS5 Pro and the latest Xbox Series X|S are anticipated to launch sometime between 2023 to 2024

Peeking at the list of new games for 2023, it looks like this year will be when the new generation hits its stride. Sony and Xbox have enormous platform exclusives lined up for the year, including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Starfield. That’s not to state that Nintendo isn’t swinging for the barriers, with an all-new Zelda game set to launch, and plenty of exciting new PC games are also arriving. 

Moreover, TCL represents the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X as equal to the Radeon RX 6700 XT, probably in terms of theoretical performance (TOPS), which organises 4K/120 FPS depending on the game and image grade settings. Ultimately, Gen 9.0 consoles are from meeting Sony’s ‘8K capable’ claims. Surprisingly, TCL discusses ‘Gen 9.5’, directed to as the ‘New Xbox Series S/X’ and the ‘PS5 Pro. Linked to 2023 or 2024 releases, TCL claims that these consoles will be competent in generating at 4K/120 FPS and outputting at 8K/120 FPS.

Similarly, TCL acknowledges that Gen 9.5 consoles will compete with the RX 7700XT, a graphics card that AMD is anticipated to release later this year. While VideoCardz has committed this as a ‘rumour’, The Verge’s Tom Warren has dismissed the presentation. Writing on Twitter, Warren thinks that TCL is ‘just guessing’, adding that there is ‘nothing to see here.

PS5 Pro

Any TV creator has a direct interest in new gaming consoles. They desire their latest TVs to create the most of the latest gaming hardware, and TCL’s mention of the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox models should not be unexpected. The company is simply training for the future of entertainment, which will undoubtedly include better gaming hardware.

But that doesn’t mean TCL is knowledgeable of the PS5 Pro and new Xbox Series X release dates. What TCL did during a current 2022 product presentation was offer a roadmap for the hereafter of gaming.

TCL considers Sony will release the PS5 Pro in 2023/2024. The same moves for Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X/S models. These devices will be parts of the so-called “Gen 9.5” game consoles.

What will the next-gen consoles have to offer?

The PS5 and Xbox Series X already increase performance over their predecessors. They feature top-of-the-line hardware that allows features like instant load, fast boot times, and ray tracing. It’s not just the custom CPU and GPI processors powering the PS5 and Series X that make it possible. The fast SSDs are also answerable for the enormous performance bump.

Moreover, to create the most of these consoles, you’ll require brand new TV sets capable of supporting HDMI 2.1 and 4K 120Hz refresh rates.

Is the best revision yet?

Containing a removable disc drive will be the largest departure we’ve seen yet from a PS5 console revision. Though I should worry that it won’t be the silver bullet that puts a system in everyone’s homes, I do enjoy the thought of having a USB-C-connected disc drive as a choice.

For starters, Sony will virtually consolidate the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition into one SKU. So post the gossiped new PS5 launch, gamers can choose a single standard edition of the console, with the opportunity of buying the disc drive individually, either immediately or further down the line.

And sure, there haven’t been any overall instances of PS5 disc drives failing, but the alleged revamp should at least make it easier and cheaper to replace as it’s no longer hard-wired to the console.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that this will assist combat the PS5’s recent price hike, especially considering Henderson’s comments on the console’s hardware remain broadly the same. That would be nice, given pricey peripherals like the Dual Sense Edge controller and the forthcoming PSVR 2 aren’t far off. But I wouldn’t get your expectancies up for a price drop, even as late as subsequent September. Still, we can always dream, right?

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