Effective interpersonal and communication skills are necessary to increase employment options and compete successfully in the business environment. The actual key to the usefulness of professionals is their capability to put their domain knowledge into helpful practice. In this context, soft skills have an important role to play. Suppose future managers know how to deal with people at the expressive level (peers, superiors, clients, subordinates, suppliers, etc.) through Emotional Intelligence In that case, they can create and maintain influential relationships that will result in mutual gain. IMPACT Compliments the PG Program curriculum with soft skills training, supplying an amazing chance for all students to create their personalities and boost their communication and presentation talents. The training helps the students in their early professional careers and social relations in the business environment.

Soft skills give students a strong abstract and practical framework to produce, develop and manage teams. They are essential in developing students’ general personalities and enhancing career opportunities. 

Personality Development through Soft Skills Training

In an age when connections between individuals and organizations are getting more complicated, it is not enough to have an amazing IQ. Being acceptable at number scoring and crunching high marks in subjects are not the only measures for success in experienced or personal life. The capacity to deal with one’s emotions and comprehend the feelings of others in any given condition helps one to complement academic intelligence/cognitive abilities (IQ) with a humane understanding of problems. This ability is known as Emotional Intelligence.

At the Soft Skills Coaching at Effect, coaching is imparted to fine-tune the students’ mindsets, values, desires, feelings, eagerness, beliefs, motivation to learn, willingness to communicate and assume new ideas, persuasion, futuristic thinking, goal orientation, flexibility, compassion, diplomacy, manners, and various skill sets of communication, and etiquette so that they will be capable of dealing with different conditions diligently and responsibly. Soft skills or Emotional Intelligence Skills support them from within. These skills entrust them to understand “who they are” and how satisfactorily they can come across as competent people in any given situation.

Purposes of Soft Skills Training

By the climax of the soft skills training program, the learner should be capable to:

· Develop effective communication skills (spoken and written).

· Develop useful presentation skills.

· Conduct useful business correspondence and organize business reports which produce results.

· Become a self-sure individual by mastering team management, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

· Develop all-round qualities with a mature outlook to function effectively in various circumstances.

· Develop overall career plans, consider the employment market, pinpoint the organizations to get good placement, and match the job needs and skill sets.

· Take part virtually in various selection procedures assumed by the recruiters.

Teaching Techniques

The teaching techniques in the soft skills training contain role plays, lectures, projects, quizzes, and various other participatory sessions. The focus will be on learning by doing.

Since the training process is highly interactive and experiential, the students imbibe the skills and qualities gradually and subtly over the program time. The students will not only comprehend the attributes and skills but also internalize them over a span of time.

Internalization guarantees that the skills and attributes become part of the student’s personality. Subtle changes are bound to happen in their behavior and viewpoint, making them more self-confident and confident. Moreover, the manners changes will be gradual and also natural and will not seem artificial or put on. Thus, the changes in them will be honest and positive.

Inputs According to Training Need Analysis

The analysis of students’ responses to various psychometric tools and extensive interaction between the counselors, students, and faculty members boost the identification of specific training requirements of individual students.

IMPACT manages these training requirements through specially designed training modules.


Complete the soft skills program at IMPACT is about helping and empowering. With the learners’ commitment, our enablers will confirm that they have transitioned from desiring students to young victorious managers. 

The Students Experiential Program is planned for the PG Program of IMPACT students, permitting them to get practical work exposure while studying at IMPACT. This Program suggests the students a chance to work part-time as marketing managers to promote various publications and programs of the University College or Company. SEP is a volunteer program presenting a monthly salary and attractive performance-based incentives, besides practical work exposure and skill development chances.

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