A mobile phone is a helpful tool. It eases communication among friends, colleagues, and family members. All technologies that deliver such benefits come with a set of disadvantages. Mobile phones have a significant effect on students’ life. Are you wondering what mobile phones’ effect on student life is? Then we furnish you with a complete guide here.

Harmful Effect


A cell phone will seduce your teen to spend all day talking or texting rather than doing productive things. Studies have confirmed that teens who spend too much time with their cell phones are additionally prone to anxiety, stress, and depression. Research has also seen that extreme use of smartphones may result in an expanded risk of mental health problems.

Sleep loss

Most teens hold their cell phones nearby while napping to reply to texts and calls and always remain reachable around the clock. This may guide to sleep interruption and disturbance. Studies have found that teenagers who use cell phones after lights out experienced increased fatigue. Also, college students who use mobile phones after sleep onset are reported to be open-eyed for an extra 46 minutes per week.

Cause Health Issues

Using mobile phones for a longer time is not good for health. It damages vision and can cause sleep disorders, hearing, and other severe issues. Studies have been released to talk about the relationship between radiation emitted from the device and chronic health disorders like cancer and brain tumor. Sleep poverty from phone usage is also a cause of stress, which eventually impacts your health.

Bad posture

Staring at the phone screens all day long, with their heads twisted and shoulders drooped, shows bad posture, backache, neck ache, headache, and tendonitis.


Low-grade performance in exams shows isolation. Students like staying away from friends and family and losing themselves on their mobile phones. This can extremely harm their mental health. 

Poor academic performance:

The obsession with their phones shows poor academic performance. Students fail to pay concentration while studying, their remembrance suffers, and their mind suffers from dullness and lethargy. 


Depending on texting as a primary mode of communication can raise anxiety in teens. Texting is instantly satisfying, but it also produces anxiety. An instant reply from a friend can bring pleasure and joy. But in case of a slowed response or no response, this same pleasure can become dissatisfaction. Also, cell phone addiction can become an addiction to checking messages and replying immediately. It may also raise anxiety by creating a fantasy that they have received a message, making them frequently check their phones even when there is no message.

Positive effect 

Ease Access To Information and Technology.

Knowledge continues even outside the classroom. These phones aid students access live reports and updates as they go about their academic lives. Student attention is better when technology-driven tools are partnered with aid learning instead of old-school methods. Most modern techs are creative to keep up with the current technology era. It is one of the finest positive effects of mobile phones in students’ life.

Help in Emergencies

Mobile phones help you a lot in dealing with urgent situations. It helps a person instantly get help when faced with any problematic situation. With cell phones, you can also get the power to trace the location of a misplaced person. It assists deal with large-scale emergencies and natural tragedies this helps them avoid danger and save their life too.

Assists in Academics and Skill Development

Mobile phones also assist in the academics of students. They assist in providing immediate access to technology and information to students. There are various educational applications that you can utilize on the phone. These apps deliver an interesting way to learn topics, make presentations, track exam schedules, complete assignments, etc.

Examined Malpractice

Students can utilize their phones to respond to questions that should be respond straight from their brains. A student who engages in malpractice can be expelled from school. Thus, the child’s education is impacted.


Peeking at the positive and negative impact of mobile phones on children, it is clear that it positively affects adults, youth, and society. Though these devices have a few harmful impacts, they can be controlled if people use them carefully and in moderation.

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