Mary-Anne Arsenault is among the most accomplished curlers in Canadian history. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, she became interested in curling at an early age. Over the years, Mary-Anne has competed at every level of the game, from local leagues to world championships. Her passion and dedication have taken her on a remarkable journey, from a local curling champ to a world-class athlete and Olympic hopeful. This blog post is all about celebrating the inspiring journey of Mary-Anne Arsenault and highlighting her achievements in the sport.

Becoming a Local Curling Champ

Mary-Anne Arsenault’s journey began in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she first learned to curl. She started playing in local leagues and quickly showed promise as a gifted curler. She began winning tournaments and becoming a well-known name in the local curling community. Her passion for the sport was unwavering. She kept improving her skills and started winning every competition she entered.

The Road to National Dominance

Mary-Anne Arsenault’s success at the local level soon led to national recognition. She started participating in national tournaments and ultimately became a national champion for the first time in 1999. Her dominance continued for the next few years, and she won the national championships three more times in 2004, 2008, and 2009. Mary-Anne’s success at the national level made her a household name in Canada.

International Success and World Championship Glory

Mary-Anne Arsenault soon turned her attention towards world championships. She started playing in international tournaments and became a regular on the Canadian national team. After winning bronze at the 2005 World Curling Championships, Mary-Anne’s dreams of becoming a world champion became more achievable. Finally, in 2018, her hard work and dedication paid off. She was part of the Canadian team that won the World Women’s Curling Championship in North Bay, Ontario.

The Journey towards the Olympics

Mary-Anne Arsenault’s journey towards the Olympics has been an inspiring one. She has come very close to making it into the Olympic team on several occasions. However, due to various factors, including injuries and competition, she hasn’t yet been able to compete in the world’s most prestigious sporting event. But Mary-Anne is a fighter and continues to chase her Olympic dream.

The Mentor and Leader

Mary-Anne Arsenault is not only a world-class curler but also a mentor and leader to younger players. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with the next generation of curlers. Mary-Anne coaches a junior curling team and has helped several young players achieve their dreams.

FAQs About Mary-Anne Arsenault

Q. What is Mary-Anne Arsenault’s biggest achievement in curling?
A. Mary-Anne’s biggest achievement in curling was winning the World Women’s Curling Championship in 2018 as part of the Canadian team.

Q. How many national championships has Mary-Anne won?
A. Mary-Anne has won the national championships four times, in 1999, 2004, 2008, and 2009.

Q. Has Mary-Anne ever competed in the Olympics?
A. No, Mary-Anne has not yet competed in the Olympics, but she is still chasing her Olympic dream.

Q. Is Mary-Anne involved in coaching young curlers?
A. Yes, Mary-Anne is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with younger players and coaches a junior curling team.

Q. What makes Mary-Anne Arsenault such a great curler?
A. Mary-Anne’s passion, dedication, and hard work have made her a great curler. Her ability to remain calm under pressure and focus on the game’s details are integral to her success.

Q. What is Mary-Anne’s favorite thing about curling?
A. Mary-Anne loves the strategy and complexity of the game. She enjoys the challenge of trying to outsmart her opponents and always be one step ahead.

Q. When did Mary-Anne start playing curling?
A. Mary-Anne started playing curling in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, at an early age and fell in love with the sport.


Mary-Anne Arsenault is an inspiring athlete who has dedicated her life to curling. From being a local curling champ to becoming a world-class athlete and Olympic hopeful, Mary-Anne’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She has achieved a lot in her career, but her passion for the sport remains unchanged. Mary-Anne is an inspiration to many and continues to inspire future generations of curlers. Whether she makes it to the Olympics or not, Mary-Anne Arsenault’s legacy in the sport will live on forever.

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