The Inspiring Story of Analisa Velez: Overcoming Obstacles and Pursuing Dreams


We all have dreams and aspirations. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws hurdles on our path that can make it challenging to continue pursuing those dreams. Many people have embraced these obstacles and become stronger while on the journey to achieving their goals. Analisa Velez is one of these people.

Section 1: Early Life and Struggles

Analisa’s parents migrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic in search of better opportunities. They faced numerous financial struggles, which made it difficult to provide for their family. They resided in the Bronx, and the neighborhood was notorious for its gang activity. Analisa had to witness some of the challenges that come with growing up in such an environment.

Section 2: Starting a Career in Banking

Analisa attended the City College of New York, where she studied finance and economics. Following graduation, she secured a job in banking, working with corporate clients. Working in banking gave her a sense of financial security, but deep down, she knew that her true passion was not in banking.

Section 3: Singing as a Hobby

Music had always been a part of Analisa’s life. Her mother always played salsa and merengues at home, and she would dance along. She discovered her love and talent for singing when she was in sixth grade. Analisa’s music teacher asked her to sing “Hero” by Mariah Carey, and everyone was amazed at her talent.

Section 4: Dealing with Life-Altering Obstacles

At the age of 25, Analisa was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder that caused inflammation of the optic nerves in her eyes. As a result, she became legally blind. However, Analisa did not let this diagnosis shatter her dreams. She found alternative ways to participate in activities she loved by using tools such as magnifiers, text-to-speech apps, and Braille.

Section 5: Pursuing Music Seriously

Despite her condition, Analisa continued to pursue her passion for music. She started her YouTube channel and posted videos of her singing covers of popular songs. She also started performing at small local events to increase her exposure.

Section 6: The Birth of Entre Hermanos

In 2017, Analisa joined forces with Jorge Betancourt and formed the band, Entre Hermanos. The duo developed a strong connection, and their shared Dominican heritage played a crucial role in their music’s authentic sound. The band’s music is a fusion of various Latin genres like bachata, merengue, and bolero.

Section 7: Launching a Successful Music Career with Entre Hermanos

Entre Hermanos became increasingly popular, thanks to their original songs, charismatic performances, and unique sound. In 2019, they released their first album, “Un Cuarto de Bachata,” which received critical acclaim. The band continues to grow, and their music has touched many people’s hearts.

Section 8: Giving Back to the Community

As someone who has witnessed firsthand the difficulties of growing up in the Bronx, Analisa remains committed to giving back to her community. She has participated in charitable events that support various causes, including epilepsy, cancer research, and underserved youth.


Analisa has shown us that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome with perseverance and a positive attitude. She is a true inspiration to anyone trying to navigate around life’s hurdles. Her passion for music, coupled with her commitment to giving back to the community, serves as a reminder that we can all achieve our dreams if we remain steadfast in our efforts.


1. What is Analisa Velez’s profession?
Analisa Velez is a singer and musician.

2. How did she become blind?
Analisa became legally blind as a result of an autoimmune disorder that caused inflammation of the optic nerves in her eyes.

3. What kind of music does Entre Hermanos make?
Entre Hermanos creates a fusion of various Latin genres such as bachata, merengue, and bolero.

4. What was their first album called?
Entre Hermanos’ first album was called “Un Cuarto De Bachata.”

5. Does Analisa Velez give back to the community?
Yes, Analisa participates in charitable events that support various causes, including epilepsy, cancer research, and underserved youth.

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