The Legality of the Use of Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy is a controversial topic in Ukraine. It is one of the most sensitive issues on which there are great differences between the opposing sides.

A recent case of a surrogate mother that was used by an American couple to produce their child has made it to headlines again and again. This case has created a lot of controversy, as well as raised many questions about surrogacy laws in Ukraine.

In 2012, the Ukrainian government passed a law that provides for legal recognition of births outside marriage and bans gender-based discrimination against women who have children outside marriage, but it does not provide any legal recognition for artificial birth control techniques or same-sex marriages. The law defines surrogacy as “the process by which an egg or sperm is donated to another woman or man for their use”. It also defines “a surrogate” as “an egg donor and/or sperm donor who agrees to be assisted with the donation of her own eggs or his own sperm”. In addition, under Ukrainian

Introducing the Use of Surrogacy in Ukraine and What You Need to Know About it

Surrogacy is a complicated issue. There are many different types of surrogacy and surrogates, the laws in different countries vary, and there are also different points of view on the subject.

We should not think about surrogacy as a replacement for IVF. It is just another form of assisted reproductive technology (ART). The main difference between IVF and surrogacy is that IVF involves in vitro fertilization whereas surrogacy involves using a surrogate mother to carry a child.

What are the Legality of the Use of Surrogacy in Ukraine?

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The issue of surrogate births is one of the most pressing legal issues in the world today. Many countries are not willing to allow surrogacy as it is considered unethical and a violation of human rights.

In order to make sure that these laws are enforced, an international conference was organized by the UNICEF in March 2015 in Geneva. The conference was attended by over 500 representatives from different countries, including India, China and Japan. The aim of this conference was to find a solution for this ethical issue.

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