Uruguay is famous for its rich cultural heritage that carries a blend of European and African influences. Among its many contributions to the global music scene is Mariana Ingold, a legendary singer-songwriter who has been making hauntingly beautiful melodies for more than four decades. Her music is a blend of folk, jazz, and pop, and her lyrics are full of depth and introspection. In this blog post, we will explore the musical magic of Mariana Ingold, dive deeper into her melodies, and understand why she is considered the quintessential Uruguayan musician.


Mariana Ingold was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1958. She was a child prodigy who started playing the piano at the age of three and started composing music at six. She performed her first solo concert at the age of nine and became a professional musician after studying at the Uruguayan Conservatory of Music. Ingold has released ten studio albums and collaborated with several famous musicians from South America and Europe.


Ingold’s music has many influences, including jazz, blues, tango, bossa nova, and folk. She has cited Billie Holiday, Tom Waits, and Astor Piazzolla as her biggest inspirations. Ingold’s early music is heavily influenced by the cultural expressions of Uruguay, such as the “Candombe” rhythm and the “Murga” music.

Musical Style

Ingold’s music is characterized by her unique voice, jazz-inspired piano playing, and her abstract and meaningful lyrics. Her music is often melancholic, intimate and filled with introspection. She has created a distinct style inspired by her love for jazz and the folklore of South America.

Lyrics and Themes

Ingold’s lyrics are deeply personal and introspective. She writes about love, solitude, identity, and cultural heritage. Her lyrics often have a philosophical dimension that reflects on the human emotions and experiences.

Career and Legacy

Ingold’s career spans more than four decades and has left an indelible mark on the Uruguayan musical landscape. She has collaborated with several celebrated musicians, including Pablo Milanés, Hugo Fattoruso, and Fernando Cabrera. Her music has inspired several contemporary Uruguayan musicians, and she is regarded as an icon of the country’s music scene.

Notable Works

Some of Ingold’s most notable works include her debut album “Mundo Adentro,” which was released in 1990. Her album “Maldita Coincidencia” (2002) won critical acclaim for its introspective lyrics and unique style. “20 Años De Canciones” is a compilation album that celebrates her 20-year career as a musician and includes some of her most popular songs.


Ingold has collaborated with several celebrated musicians from South America and Europe. Her collaboration with Pablo Milanés resulted in the award-winning album “Despertando” (2000). She also collaborated with the Argentine singer-songwriter Mercedes Sosa on the album “Corazón Libre” (2005) and with the French musician Olivier Manoury on the album “Tierra de Humo” (2006).


Ingold has received several awards and accolades throughout her career. She was awarded the National Music Prize in Uruguay in 2019 and has been a finalist for the Latin Grammy Awards. In 2012, she was awarded the Gloria Artis Medal by the Polish Minister of Culture for her contributions to Polish music.


Mariana Ingold’s music is a perfect reflection of the Uruguayan musical spirit that carries the richness of cultural heritage. Her unique blend of jazz-inspired piano playing, folklore-inspired melodies, and deep introspection in lyrics make her an iconic singer-songwriter. Her music speaks of love, identity, and human emotions and has made her an inspiration to several contemporary musicians in Uruguay and beyond.


1. When did Mariana Ingold start playing the piano?

Ingold started playing the piano at the age of three.

2. What are the influences of Mariana Ingold’s music?

Ingold’s music is influenced by jazz, blues, tango, bossa nova, and folk.

3. What are some of Ingold’s most notable works?

Some of her most notable works include the album “Mundo Adentro,” “Maldita Coincidencia,” and “20 Años De Canciones.”

4. Who has Mariana Ingold collaborated with?

Ingold has collaborated with Pablo Milanés, Mercedes Sosa, and Olivier Manoury, among others.

5. What awards has Mariana Ingold received?

Ingold has received the National Music Prize in Uruguay, Gloria Artis Medal from the Polish Minister of Culture, and has been a finalist for the Latin Grammy Awards.

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