Meet Gerardo Priego Tapia, a trailblazing entrepreneur who rose from humble beginnings to become a successful businessman. His journey is remarkable, and it will inspire you to chase your dreams no matter how difficult it may seem. This blog post will take you through his journey from his early days to his current success. The post will show how Gerardo overcame several obstacles and achieved his dreams.

From a Humble Beginning:

Gerardo Priego Tapia was born and raised in Mexico City in a large family of seven children. His parents were poor and struggled to make ends meet, but they taught Gerardo the value of hard work. Gerardo’s father worked as a carpenter, and from a young age, Gerardo helped him in his workshop. It was in this workshop that Gerardo started to develop his passion for business.

The Journey Begins:

Gerardo’s journey to success wasn’t smooth. After completing his high school education, he faced numerous challenges, including lack of finances. However, Gerardo did not give up. He started his first business, a small clothing store, with his brother and sister. The business was not profitable, but it gave Gerardo valuable experience and prepared him for bigger things.

A Trailblazing Entrepreneur:

Gerardo’s entrepreneurial journey took off after he formed a strategic partnership with a friend, which opened the doors to new opportunities. Together they started importing Chinese products, and their business started to grow. Gerardo’s drive, passion, and hard work helped him become a trailblazing entrepreneur.

Challenges and Obstacles:

Gerardo’s journey, however, was not without challenges. As the business expanded, he faced financial difficulties, and he struggled to keep up with the demands of running a successful enterprise. Gerardo persevered, and through sheer determination, he overcame the challenges.


Gerardo’s hard work finally paid off as his business started to grow rapidly, becoming one of the most successful businesses in Mexico. Today, Gerardo is the CEO of a multi-million dollar enterprise that operates in several countries, including the USA, China, and Mexico. His success is a testament to the power of having a dream and working hard to achieve it.


Q1: What inspired Gerardo to become an entrepreneur?
A: Gerardo’s passion for business was inspired by working with his father, who was a carpenter.

Q2: How did Gerardo overcome the challenges he faced in his entrepreneurial journey?
A: Gerardo overcame the challenges through sheer determination and hard work.

Q3: What is Gerardo’s business, and where does it operate?
A: Gerardo’s business operates in several countries, including the USA, China, and Mexico. It is a multi-million dollar enterprise that deals mostly with the importation of Chinese products.

Q4: What advice would Gerardo give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: Gerardo would advise aspiring entrepreneurs to never give up on their dreams, work hard, and have a plan.

Q5: What impact has Gerardo’s success had on his community?
A: Gerardo’s success has had a positive impact on his community, with many young people inspired to pursue their dreams.

Q6: What is Gerardo’s next big project?
A: Gerardo is currently working on expanding his business to other countries and diversifying his product range.

Q7: How has Gerardo’s upbringing impacted his success?
A: Gerardo’s upbringing taught him the value of hard work, and it inspired him to become an entrepreneur.


Gerardo Priego Tapia’s journey to success is an inspiration to many. Starting from humble beginnings, he worked hard and chased his dreams, overcoming obstacles and achieving great success. Gerardo’s story shows that anyone can succeed if they have a dream and are willing to work hard to achieve it. So go ahead, chase your dreams, and never give up.

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