Professional Bowler Mike Scroggins: A Story of Achievements

Mike Scroggins is a legend in the world of bowling, with countless accomplishments to his name. When he started his professional career, Scroggins had never imagined that he would become one of the best bowlers of all time. He worked hard, overcame obstacles, and rose to the top through sheer determination and talent. In this post, we will take a look at some of the top achievements of professional bowler Mike Scroggins.

Scroggins’ Early Years

Mike Scroggins was born on November 17, 1963, in Amarillo, Texas. He grew up bowling with his family, and by the time he was 18, he had already won his first regional bowling tournament. He began his professional career in 1984, but it was not until the mid-90s that his talent truly shone through.

Section 1: Winning Seasons in 2005 and 2009

In 2005, Mike Scroggins won his first-ever PBA Tour title at the Medford Open, where he defeated his fellow Texan bowler Chris Barnes. This win was followed by two more victories in the same year, at the Earl Anthony Medford Classic and the Cambridge Credit Counseling Classic. These wins helped him secure his first-ever PBA Tour Player of the Year award.

In 2009, Scroggins had another spectacular season, with two title wins – the National Bowling Stadium Championship and the GEICO Plastic Ball Championship. He was once again crowned the PBA Tour Player of the Year, becoming only the second player in the tour’s history to win the award twice.

Section 2: Scroggins’ Seven Perfect Games

Throughout his career, Mike Scroggins has bowled seven perfect games in sanctioned events, meaning that he has bowled 12 consecutive strikes and achieved a total score of 300. This puts him among an elite group of bowlers who have been able to accomplish such a feat.

Section 3: Winning the USBC Masters Tournament in 2009

In 2009, Mike Scroggins won the USBC Masters Tournament, which is one of the most prestigious events in the sport of bowling. He defeated Norm Duke in the finals with a score of 267 to Duke’s 182, securing his first-ever major championship. This win cemented his place among the greats of the game.

Section 4: Scroggins’ Seven PBA Regional Titles

Besides his PBA Tour successes, Mike Scroggins has also won seven PBA Regional titles. These tournaments are held on a smaller scale and are more localized, but they still require a high level of skill and concentration. Scroggins’ wins in these events show that he is not just a great bowler at the highest level, but also at the regional level.

Section 5: Scroggins’ Success as a Left-Handed Bowler

Mike Scroggins is a left-handed bowler, a characteristic that gives him a unique advantage on certain lane conditions. Despite the fact that most bowling alleys are designed with right-handed bowlers in mind, Scroggins has been able to use his left-handedness to his advantage, allowing him to generate a different angle of attack and keep his opponents guessing.

Section 6: Scroggins’ Consistency and Longevity

What sets Mike Scroggins apart from many other bowlers is his consistency and longevity in the sport. Over the years, he has been able to maintain a high level of performance, despite the physical and mental demands of the game. He has also been able to remain injury-free, something that is crucial in a sport that requires repetitive physical motion.

Section 7: Scroggins’ Contributions to the Sport of Bowling

Mike Scroggins has not just been an outstanding bowler, but he has also been a great ambassador for the sport. He has always been willing to share his knowledge and experiences with younger bowlers, and has taken an active role in promoting the sport at all levels.


Q1. What is Mike Scroggins’ highest score in bowling?

A1. Mike Scroggins’ highest score in bowling is 300.

Q2. What is Mike Scroggins’ most significant win in bowling?

A2. Mike Scroggins’ most significant win in bowling is the USBC Masters Tournament in 2009.

Q3. How many PBA Tour titles has Mike Scroggins won?

A3. Mike Scroggins has won a total of nine PBA Tour titles.

Q4. What makes Mike Scroggins unique as a bowler?

A4. Mike Scroggins is unique as a bowler because he is left-handed, which gives him a different angle of attack.

Q5. How many perfect games has Mike Scroggins bowled?

A5. Mike Scroggins has bowled seven perfect games in sanctioned events.

Q6. What is the USBC Masters Tournament?

A6. The USBC Masters Tournament is one of the most prestigious events in the sport of bowling, and is considered a major championship.

Q7. How has Mike Scroggins contributed to the sport of bowling?

A7. Mike Scroggins has contributed to the sport of bowling by promoting it and sharing his knowledge and experiences with younger bowlers.


Mike Scroggins is an outstanding bowler, whose achievements speak for themselves. He has won multiple titles, including a major championship, and has shown consistency and longevity in the sport. His success as a left-handed bowler, as well as his contributions to the sport, make him a unique figure in the world of bowling. We can all learn a lot from his story of hard work and determination. If you are interested in pursuing bowling, take inspiration from Mike Scroggins’ success story and keep working hard towards your goals.

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