Some technological advancements have the prospect of quantum computing, which could remake industry worldwide on an unprecedented scale.

What is quantum computing?

Quantum Computing is a domain with many queries, beliefs, and theories. But, based on the word around it, quantum computing is the next step to assembling computers faster, more efficiently, and smarter.

With developers, researchers, and scientists working to their bones to make improvements in the field, quantum computing is already spreading the foundation for rapidly managing massive databases and crunching numbers.

Due to quantum computing, even deploying AI over a larger scale and multiple industries seems possible nowadays.

Here are 10 leading companies

Pasqal’s team of 25 quantum engineers produces quantum processors for the most practical quantum computers. This quantum computing startup had its origins in one of France’s most prestigious research universities, where it was part of a team trustworthy for groundbreaking research into cold atom physics. 

2. Microsoft

Location: Redmond, Washington

While most quantum-computing research connects its qubits .Microsoft rolls along a third way: topological qubits. These qubits would avoid so many annoying stability requisites by dividing an electron — essentially, double anti-interference protection — and showing two ground states (a.k.a. ground state degeneracy). However, we say “would” because the process always remains strictly theoretical.

3. 1QBit

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Regarding pharma research, 1QBit constructed headlines by teaming with two top names: technology consulting company Accenture and biotech universal Biogen. The prior ambition is to produce a molecular modelling application using quantum computing, which may lead to drug development advancements for neurodegenerative disorders like dementia. 

4.QC Ware

Location: Palo Alto, California

Though QC Ware is already designing a quantum cloud computing platform for firm systems, the company’s software is being designed to work with any quantum computing hardware. As a result, researchers and practitioners have incorporated quantum computing into their current workflows with the aid of QC Ware. Also, top quantum computing hardware may be used to create applications. 

5. Regetti

Location: Berkeley, California 

It’s a full-stack quantum computing company that creates and produces superconducting quantum integrated circuits, packages and deploys them in a lower-temperature setting and develops control systems to perform quantum logic operations.

6. Strangeworks

Location: Austin, Texas

Strangeworks has dominated the quantum computing space since it was founded in 2018. With early adopters like Airbnb, Amazon, and Uber using its straightforward yet effective data analysis and quantum computing products, it has fast grown to include a customer base of more than 100 developers worldwide and 6,800 finished quantum projects.

7. Toshiba

Toshiba’s Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) program is performing to secure network communications by using the fundamental laws of Quantum Physics. 

Since beginning study about quantum cryptography in 2003 in the Cambridge Research Lab of Toshiba Research Europe Limited, the company has confirmed many notable world firsts, including being the first to inform quantum key allotment over 100km of fibre and the first with a successive key rate exceeding 10 Mbit/second in 2017.

8. Intel 

Location: Santa Clara, California, United States

Intel and quantum computing have been walking hand-in-hand for the last five years. And while it has been totally killing it in producing top-notch processors, Intel is also breaking through into quantum computing with combined efforts from QuTech.
As a key participant in quantum computing companies, Intel has been drawing on ongoing internal research with acquisitions across global industries.

9. Google

Location: Mountain View, California

Google Quantum AI is running the state of the art of quantum computing and designing the tools for researchers to work further classical abilities.

From its campus in Santa Barbara, the AI lab’s of Google Quantum objective is to generate a quantum computer that can tackle real-world problems. Google desires to explore near-term applications that are forward-compatible with a large-scale universal error-corrected quantum computer.

10. Phaseshift Technologies

Location: Toronto, Canada

Phaseshift Technologies is a Canadian quantum computing space startup designed to make a distinction. The company uses quantum technology, computational chemistry, and machine learning to produce new high-performance alloys. Their technology uses quantum computing to indicate the properties of a particular alloy mix and its services within seconds. Phaseshift’s technology has provided workable solutions for clients within the aerospace, bio-medical, and nuclear industries.

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