Per J. Jordal was an extraordinary Norwegian businessman and innovator who lived between 1934 and 2019. He spent most of his life dedicated to pioneering innovations in technology and business that have had immense impacts on countless industries globally. Jordal’s passion for driving change led him to develop numerous groundbreaking technological inventions that revolutionized the way we live and work today. In this blog post, we unravel the incredible legacy left behind by this great man.

Life and Career of Per J. Jordal

Per J. Jordal was born in 1934 in Norway and after completing his degree in electrical engineering, he started his career working at the Hydro plant in Rjukan. In the 1960s, he moved to Oslo and started his own company called Jordal Electronics. His company’s primary objective was to manufacture printed circuit boards using his innovations. His company became a pioneer in the rapidly growing market of electronic devices, and he gained recognition as a valuable contributor to the electronic and technological industry.

Revolutionizing the Printed Circuit Board Industry

Per J. Jordal’s innovations transformed the way printed circuit boards were manufactured. He accomplished this by introducing customized and highly efficient manufacturing techniques that made the industry more profitable. His inventive ideas led to a significant drop in the cost of production while improving the quality of the boards. Jordal’s methods were so innovative that Jordal Electronics became the first manufacturer of prototype circuit boards in Norway.

Introducing New Technologies and Innovations

Per J. Jordal was always on the lookout for new ideas and methods to improve the electronic industry. He experimented with new materials and components to introduce revolutionary innovations that left an indelible mark in the technological industry. His unwavering passion led to the development of new electronic displays and data communications equipment. He was known for his creativity and originality, and his products quickly became industry standards.

Breaking Boundaries in Computing

Per J. Jordal’s innovations did not end with the development of printed circuit boards and electronic displays. He pushed the boundaries in computing, too. In the early 1980s, he was instrumental in introducing the first microcomputers into Norway. He partnered with Digital Equipment Corporation, where he helped develop computing systems for Norway’s postal service and commercial banks. His contributions to the computing industry were profound, and his work is still integrated into computer systems today.

Entrance into the Telecommunications Industry

Per J. Jordal’s contributions to the telecommunications industry were equally significant. In the late 1980s, he was involved in the development of the first digital telephone exchange system in Norway. His company Jordal Electronics was already a leading provider of circuit boards, which made it possible to develop more advanced systems. Furthermore, his company was a leader in the high-speed data communications systems, which helped Norway connect to the rest of the world.

Philanthropic Work and Charitable Contributions

Per J. Jordal’s passion transcended the business and technical industry to include philanthropic work. He was an active philanthropist, and his charitable contributions to various causes were immeasurable. He was a strong believer in the development of young talents, and his support of the high-tech sector in Norway produced some of the country’s brightest minds. He was also a supporter of cancer research and donated generously to the Norwegian Cancer Society.


Q1: What did Per J. Jordal do?
A: Per J. Jordal was a Norwegian innovator and businessman who revolutionized the electronic industry. He is famous for his work in the telecommunications, computing, circuit board, and data communication industries.

Q2: What is Per Jordal’s Legacy?
A: Per J. Jordal’s legacy is immense. He contributed to the development of printed circuit boards, microcomputers, and data communication systems as well as pushed boundaries in the computing and telecommunications industries. He also made significant philanthropic contributions to support various causes.

Q3: What is Per Jordal known for?
A: Per J. Jordal is known for his creativity, innovativeness, and passion for discovering new ideas. He used his knowledge and expertise to develop new technologies and transform the electronic industry.

Q4: What did Per Jordal do for the computing industry?
A: Per J. Jordal helped introduce microcomputers into Norway in the early 1980s and worked with Digital Equipment Corporation to develop computing systems for Norway’s postal service and commercial banks.

Q5: What did Per Jordal do for philanthropy?
A: Per J. Jordal was an active philanthropist and believed in supporting young talents. He made significant donations towards research to the Norwegian Cancer Society.

Q6: What is Jordal Electronics?
A: Jordal Electronics is a company founded by Per J. Jordal that pioneered the use of printed circuit boards in Norway. The company was a leader in the electronic and data communication industry.

Q7: What were some innovations introduced by Per Jordal?
A: Per J. Jordal introduced several innovations, with some of the notable examples being; customized and efficient methods of producing printed circuit boards, advanced digital telephone exchange systems, data communication systems, and high-speed digital displays.


Per J. Jordal’s legacy as an innovator and businessman will continue to inspire generations to come. Through his pioneering work, he contributed immensely to the technological, electronic, telecommunications, and computing industries. Jordal will also be remembered for his philanthropic activities, where he supported numerous causes and contributed generously to research. As we pay tribute to this incredible man, we encourage everyone to emulate his public-spiritedness and never-ending quest for innovation.

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