Table tennis is a highly popular sport worldwide, attracting several professional players every year. Emmanuel Lebesson, a French table tennis player, is one of the top-ranked players in the world. With numerous awards under his belt, Emmanuel is a renowned table tennis champion worldwide. In this blog post, we will reveal the secrets behind Emmanuel Lebesson’s rise to the top of the table tennis world.

Secret 1: Early Start

Lebesson’s passion for table tennis started at an early age. He began playing the sport at the age of six, and since then, he has remained committed to it. Starting early has provided him with additional training, game sense and helped him develop better hand-eye coordination. These skills have significantly contributed to his rise to the champion.

Secret 2: Consistent Practice

In addition to starting early, Emmanuel Lebesson was committed to consistent practice. He trained for several hours every day, sometimes twice a day, to perfect his skills. His routine helped him develop better techniques and become more confident in his table tennis abilities.

Secret 3: Competitive Spirit

One of the essential secrets of Emmanuel Lebesson’s success is his competitive spirit. From a young age, he participated in local, regional, and national championships. His drive to compete and win has significantly contributed to his rise to the top.

Secret 4: Variety in Training

Emmanuel Lebesson incorporates a wide range of training techniques to improve his game. He engages in technical drills, plays practice matches, and focuses on developing his fitness to strengthen his body. This training variety helps him stay focused, reduces the risk of injury and helps him to develop well-rounded skills.

Secret 5: Analyzing Opponents

Emmanuel watches his opponents’ game footage and looks for their strengths and weaknesses to create strategies for winning matches. This intelligence helps him stay ahead of his competition and capitalize on his strengths.

Secret 6: Mental Strength

Playing international or national-level games is not easy, and the pressure can be significant. But Emmanuel is well prepared, mentally tough and focused. Being mentally strong has helped him perform in high-pressure situations, remain confident in himself, and win tournaments.

Secret 7: Managing Injuries

Injuries are a part of any sport, and Emmanuel is no exception. However, he has learned the art of injury management, which is essential to ensure fast healing, proper recovery and minimize the risk of re-injury.

Secret 8: Support System

Emmanuel has a support system, including his coaches, family, friends, and fans. They provide him with the necessary support to tackle the challenges that come with the sport. Additionally, the support system also inspires him to continue working hard and achieving his dreams.


Emmanuel Lebesson’s journey to becoming a world-class table tennis champion did not occur overnight. He has worked hard, practiced consistently, developed a competitive spirit, and maintained mental strength. By analyzing his opponents, incorporating varied training techniques, and utilizing his support system, he has achieved tremendous success. Following in Emmanuel’s footsteps can inspire others to develop their table tennis skills and become champions.


1. What is Emmanuel’s Lebesson’s ranking in the world of table tennis?

Emmanuel Lebesson is currently ranked 41 in the world for men’s singles table tennis.

2. When did Emmanuel Lebesson start playing table tennis?

Emmanuel Lebesson started playing table tennis at the age of six.

3. How many hours a day does Emmanuel Lebesson train?

Emmanuel Lebesson trains for several hours every day, sometimes twice a day, to perfect his skills.

4. Does Emmanuel Lebesson watch his opponents’ game footage?

Yes, Emmanuel Lebesson watches his opponent’s game footage and looks for their weaknesses and strengths to develop his strategies.

5. What is Emmanuel Lebesson’s secret to managing injuries?

Emmanuel Lebesson has learned the art of injury management, ensuring proper recovery, minimizing the risk of re-injury and achieving full recovery.

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