Connie Brockway is an award-winning author of over twenty historical romance novels, including the New York Times and USA Today bestseller “As You Desire.” Her journey to success was not a straight line, but rather a winding road of perseverance and grit. Through rejection, self-doubt, and personal struggles, she ultimately found her voice and became a beloved author in the romance genre. Let’s dive into the fascinating success story of Connie Brockway and explore what makes her writing so special.

Early Life and Influences

Connie Brockway was born in Minnesota in 1954 and grew up surrounded by books. Her mother was an avid reader, and her father was a playwright, which spurred her interest in writing and storytelling. She majored in creative writing at Macalester College in St. Paul and later earned a master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Minnesota.

The Literary Landscape

The romance genre has always been a crowded and competitive space, but when Connie Brockway was starting, the genre was dominated by historical romance novels. However, Brockway’s unique voice and style stood out from the pack, and she became known for her witty, sharp dialogue and unconventional heroines.

The Early Struggles

Like most writers, Connie Brockway experienced her fair share of rejection in the beginning. She wrote for ten years before she sold her first book, “Promise Me Heaven.” Despite the initial success, her next few books did not perform well. She even considered quitting at one point but persevered and continued to write.

A Breakthrough

Connie Brockway’s breakthrough came with the release of “As You Desire” in 1997. The book became a New York Times and USA Today bestseller, firmly establishing her as a star in the romance genre. The book’s unique premise, which featured a heroine disguised as a man and a hero with a mysterious past, captivated readers and critics alike.

The Legacy of “As You Desire”

“As You Desire” remains one of Connie Brockway’s most beloved novels. It has been translated into several languages and inspired fan fiction, online discussion groups, and even a graphic novel adaptation. Its impact on the romance genre cannot be overstated, as it opened the door for more unconventional heroines and plotlines.

Personal Struggles and Triumphs

Connie Brockway has been open about her struggles with depression and anxiety, which have influenced her writing. She also experienced a personal tragedy when her husband passed away suddenly in 2014. Despite these challenges, she has continued to write and inspire readers with her storytelling.

The Future of Historical Romance

The romance genre, like all genres, is constantly evolving. In recent years, there has been a push for more diversity and representation in romance novels. Connie Brockway believes that this is a positive change and has been vocal about her support for diversity in her writing and in the industry as a whole.


Connie Brockway’s journey to success is an inspiring one, filled with ups and downs, personal struggles, and triumphs. Her unique voice and style have left a lasting impact on the romance genre, and her legacy will continue to inspire readers and writers for years to come.


Q1. What makes Connie Brockway’s writing stand out?
A1. Connie Brockway’s writing is known for its sharp dialogue and unconventional heroines, which set her apart from other authors in the genre.

Q2. What was Connie Brockway’s breakthrough novel?
A2. Connie Brockway’s breakthrough novel was “As You Desire,” which became a New York Times and USA Today bestseller.

Q3. Has Connie Brockway faced any personal struggles?
A3. Connie Brockway has struggled with depression and anxiety and experienced a personal tragedy when her husband passed away suddenly in 2014.

Q4. What impact has “As You Desire” had on the romance genre?
A4. “As You Desire” opened the door for more unconventional heroines and plotlines in the romance genre.

Q5. What does Connie Brockway think of the push for diversity in romance novels?
A5. Connie Brockway supports the push for more diversity and representation in romance novels and the industry as a whole.

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