Football fans around the world know about Roman Kosecki – a former Polish footballer and national team player. He is famous for his impressive performances on the pitch and his contributions to Poland’s football history. But little do people know about his journey from struggles to triumphs. In this blog post, we will uncover the success story of football legend Roman Kosecki and explore different aspects of his career that made him the player he is remembered as today.

Early Life:

Roman Kosecki was born on August 15, 1968, in a small town called Sielec in Poland. He grew up in harsh conditions and financial struggles that made his childhood challenging. However, he had a passion for football and started playing at the age of six. He joined a local football club called LKS Sielec, and it was clear from the start that he had a talent for the sport.

Training and Career:

To develop his abilities, Roman Kosecki joined Obra Kościan, a prominent football academy in Poland. His hard work and dedication paid off, and he became a prolific goal-scorer and an exceptional midfielder. In 1984, he joined his first professional football club – Lech Poznań. He made his debut against Górnik Zabrze, and his performance impressed the league and the fans.

International Career:

Roman Kosecki’s performances attracted the attention of the Polish National team managers, and he became a regular starter for the team. He represented Poland in the 1990 and 1994 World Cup. He was instrumental in Poland’s third-place finish in the World Youth Championship in 1987. He also scored multiple goals in the Euro Cup and helped his team reach the quarter-finals.


Despite his incredible talent, Roman Kosecki had his fair share of challenges throughout his career. Injuries were one of the main problems that interfered with his performance. He suffered from multiple injuries throughout his career, and one of the most serious ones was a torn ligament that made him miss the 1998 World Cup.


Roman Kosecki achieved numerous triumphs throughout his career. He won the Polish League title twice and the Polish Cup four times. He also won the German Cup and played for several Bundesliga clubs. Kosecki found his calling as a coach and helped Korona Kielce win the promotion to Polish’s top league, Ekstraklasa.

Awards and Recognition:

Roman Kosecki’s skills and contributions to Polish football did not go unnoticed. He was named the Polish Footballer of the Year twice, in 1990 and 1991. He also received the Silver Cross of Merit, one of the highest Polish honors, in 1994, for his achievements as a footballer.

Retirement and Legacy:

Roman Kosecki retired from professional football in 2004, after a successful career that spanned almost two decades. He left an impressive legacy and inspired generations of young Polish footballers to pursue their dreams. He continued his career in coaching and became a respected and successful coach in Poland’s football circles.


Roman Kosecki’s success story is one of inspiration, dedication, and hard work. Despite the challenges he faced, he remained committed to his passion for football and achieved incredible feats in his career. His legacy is a testament to the impact he had on Polish football and an inspiration for aspiring footballers around the world.


Q1. When was Roman Kosecki born?
A1. Roman Kosecki was born on August 15, 1968.

Q2. Which club did Roman Kosecki make his professional debut for?
A2. Roman Kosecki made his professional debut for Lech Poznań.

Q3. How many times did Roman Kosecki win the Polish Cup?
A3. Roman Kosecki won the Polish Cup four times.

Q4. Was Roman Kosecki ever injured during his career?
A4. Yes, Roman Kosecki suffered from multiple injuries throughout his career.

Q5. What was Roman Kosecki’s greatest achievement as a coach?
A5. Roman Kosecki helped Korona Kielce win the promotion to Polish’s top league, Ekstraklasa.

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