Do you love playing video games? If your answer is yes, then you’ve probably heard of Dendy Sulistyawan. He is the founder of Duniaku Network, Indonesia’s largest gaming media platform. Dendy was born on July 5th, 1980 in Surabaya, Indonesia. From a young age, he was passionate about computer games and technology. In 2002, he created his first gaming website, DuniaGames, which quickly gained popularity in Indonesia. Today, Dendy Sulistyawan is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, and gaming industry expert. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the life and achievements of Dendy Sulistyawan.

The Early Years

Dendy Sulistyawan spent most of his childhood playing video games. He was fascinated by the power of technology and how games could transport him to different worlds. As he grew older, Dendy’s interest in games grew stronger. He started creating his own games using basic software and coding languages. His passion for gaming led him to study computer science at Brawijaya University in Malang, Indonesia.

The Birth of DuniaGames

In 2002, Dendy Sulistyawan launched his first gaming website, DuniaGames. The website was created as a platform for gamers to share tips, strategies, and reviews of their favorite games. DuniaGames quickly became popular among Indonesian gamers due to its user-friendly interface and extensive game database. The success of DuniaGames inspired Dendy Sulistyawan to start his own gaming company.

The Foundation of Duniaku Network

In 2006, Dendy Sulistyawan founded Duniaku Network. The company started as a gaming forum but expanded to become Indonesia’s largest gaming media platform. Duniaku Network provides news, reviews, and features on the latest games and gaming hardware. The company also hosts gaming events and tournaments, creating a strong gaming community in Indonesia.

The Growth of Duniaku Network

Under Dendy Sulistyawan’s leadership, Duniaku Network grew rapidly. The company’s revenue reached millions of dollars, and it became a leading player in the Indonesian gaming industry. Duniaku Network expanded its services to include mobile games, e-sports, and game publishing. The company partnered with major game developers, including Electronic Arts and Activision, to bring their games to Indonesia.

The Challenges

Starting a company in the gaming industry wasn’t easy for Dendy Sulistyawan. He faced numerous challenges, including lack of funding, competition, and piracy. Despite these obstacles, Dendy remained focused on his goal to create a thriving gaming industry in Indonesia. He invested his own money into the company and worked tirelessly to build Duniaku Network.

The Success

Dendy Sulistyawan’s hard work paid off. Today, Duniaku Network is the leading gaming media platform in Indonesia. The company has over 10 million monthly users and hosts some of the largest gaming events in the country. Dendy Sulistyawan has received numerous awards for his contributions to the gaming industry, including the Game Developer Icon Award in 2018.

The Future

Dendy Sulistyawan is not done yet. He has big plans for the future of the gaming industry in Indonesia. He hopes to create more job opportunities and inspire young Indonesians to pursue careers in gaming and technology. Dendy believes that Indonesia has immense potential in the gaming industry and wants to make it a global player in the market.


Dendy Sulistyawan is a true visionary and a pioneer in the gaming industry. His passion for gaming and technology led him to create Indonesia’s largest gaming media platform, Duniaku Network. His contributions to the gaming industry have inspired millions of gamers in Indonesia and around the world. Dendy Sulistyawan’s journey is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and the impact it can have on society.


Q1. What is Duniaku Network?

Duniaku Network is Indonesia’s largest gaming media platform. It provides news, reviews, and features on the latest games and gaming hardware.

Q2. When was DuniaGames launched?

DuniaGames was launched in 2002.

Q3. What challenges did Dendy Sulistyawan face?

Dendy Sulistyawan faced challenges such as lack of funding, competition, and piracy.

Q4. What are Duniaku Network’s services?

Duniaku Network’s services include mobile games, e-sports, and game publishing.

Q5. How many monthly users does Duniaku Network have?

Duniaku Network has over 10 million monthly users.

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