Global business development has become an essential aspect of the current era. It demands an in-depth knowledge of business, understanding of the market, and ability to blend with different cultures. Roland Sikinger is one of the pioneers in the field, whose vision and foresight have shaped the future of global business development.

Roland Sikinger’s Early Life and Career

Roland Sikinger began his career in Vienna, Austria, as a sales and marketing intern. After finishing his studies, he joined a German company, where he worked as a marketing manager for the Asia Pacific region. He moved to the United States in 1999 to join an e-commerce company.

Challenges and Opportunities in Global Business

Roland Sikinger believes that global business involves a mixture of challenges and opportunities. One of the challenges is to adapt to new cultures and traditions. Moreover, it requires an understanding of the market, knowledge of the products, and local regulations.

Vision for Global Business Development

Roland Sikinger envisions a world where people from different cultures can connect and work together in harmony. He believes that by promoting cultural understanding and collaboration, global businesses can help create a better world for everyone.

Advantages of Global Business Development

According to Sikinger, global business development offers several advantages, such as economic opportunities, cultural exchange, enhanced knowledge, and innovation. It also promotes diversity and inclusion, which enrich the experience for individuals and companies alike.

Keys to Successful Global Business Development

For Sikinger, successful global business development requires a blend of skills, including excellent communication, cultural sensitivity, adaptability, and creativity. Additionally, he suggests that choosing the right teammates and partners, as well as having a clear strategy, are essential for success.

Impact of Technology on Global Business Development

Technological advances have transformed the way we do business globally. From online marketplaces to smart shipping solutions and communication tools, technology has provided numerous opportunities for global expansion. Sikinger believes that utilizing technology is vital to creating a more effective and efficient global business environment.

Roland Sikinger’s achievements and Awards

Roland Sikinger has received several awards and accolades for his work in global business development. He was awarded the AACSB Bridge Builder Award and was recognized as a Pinnacle Professional of the Year in International Business by Continental Who’s Who.


In conclusion, Roland Sikinger is a trailblazer in Global Business Development, whose vision, determination, and leadership has contributed significantly to the field. His achievements and insights have been instrumental in shaping the global business landscape.


Q1. What is Global Business Development?

Global business development involves expanding business operations to different countries, optimizing operations in different geographies, and creating new business models for cross-border commerce.

Q2. What skills are needed for successful global business development?

Excellent communication, cultural sensitivity, adaptability, and creativity are key skills needed for successful global business development.

Q3. Why is cultural sensitivity important in global business development?

Cultural sensitivity provides an understanding of the cultural norms, values, and traditions that form the foundation of business communication and relationships. It helps to build respectful relationships with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Q4. What benefits does global business development offer?

Global business development offers many advantages, including economic opportunities, cultural exchange, enhanced knowledge, innovation, and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Q5. How does technology impact global business development?

Technology has transformed the way we do business globally by providing numerous opportunities for global expansion, such as online marketplaces, smart shipping solutions, and communication tools.

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