Success stories always inspire us to strive harder and embrace challenges with courage, and Jagath Dias’s story is no different. Here’s a person who proves that perseverance and hard work, coupled with a positive attitude, can overcome any hurdle and achieve great heights.

The Early Years

Born in Sri Lanka, Jagath was the youngest of five siblings. His childhood wasn’t easy as Sri Lanka was undergoing a civil war. He grew up in poverty, but that didn’t stop him from dreaming big. Education was a priority for his family, and Jagath took that seriously.

Overcoming Disability

At the age of nine, Jagath was diagnosed with polio, which left him with a permanent disability in his leg. But he didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dreams. He continued to focus on his studies and was determined to succeed despite his physical limitations.

The College Years

After finishing high school, Jagath had to overcome another obstacle, which was to finance his college education. With the help of scholarships and financial aid, he completed his bachelor’s in engineering. This was just the beginning of his journey towards success.

Immigrating to America

After completing his undergraduate degree, Jagath moved to the United States to pursue his master’s degree in engineering. Being an immigrant and adjusting to a new environment was challenging, but he worked hard to adapt and succeed.

Career in Engineering

Jagath started his career as an engineer in the United States. Over the years, he worked on numerous projects and contributed to the development of many innovative technologies. His hard work paid off, and he was recognized by his peers as an exceptional engineer.

Pursuing an MBA

Jagath’s quest for knowledge never stopped, and he decided to pursue an MBA degree to complement his engineering skills. This helped him broaden his horizons and expand his career options.


Jagath’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own company, which specializes in providing engineering solutions to various clients. His hard work and dedication helped him build a successful business.


Jagath’s success did not make him forget his roots. He gives back to his community through various philanthropic activities. He believes in providing education to underprivileged children and offers scholarships to deserving students.


Jagath Dias’s journey is a testament to the fact that with hard work, perseverance, and a positive attitude, anything is possible. His story is an inspiration to many who face adversity and struggle to overcome obstacles in their lives.


Q1) How did Jagath Dias overcome polio?
A) Jagath Dias overcame polio by focusing on his education and pursuing his dreams despite his physical limitations.

Q2) What kind of philanthropic activities does Jagath Dias participate in?
A) Jagath Dias participates in various philanthropic activities, including providing education to underprivileged children and offering scholarships to deserving students.

Q3) Where did Jagath Dias pursue his higher education?
A) Jagath Dias pursued his higher education in the United States, where he obtained his master’s degree in engineering and MBA.

Q4) What kind of company did Jagath Dias start?
A) Jagath Dias started a company that specializes in providing engineering solutions to various clients.

Q5) What is unique about Jagath Dias’s story?
A) Jagath Dias’s story is unique because he overcame physical challenges, financial difficulties, and adapted to a new environment while pursuing his education and career. His story is an inspiration to many who face adversity.

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