Adrian Schiller is a name that people recognize from his work in BBC and other movies. He is a well-known personality but has an elusive persona that has fascinated many. In this blog post, we will explore the different aspects of his life and try to unveil the enigmatic persona of Adrian Schiller. So, let’s dive into the world of Adrian Schiller and learn more about him.

Early Life

Adrian Schiller was born in 1964, in London, England. He grew up in a middle-class family and spent most of his early years in Haringey, North London. He attended the University of Bristol, where he earned a degree in Philosophy. After completing his studies, he began working as an actor in different theater productions.


Adrian Schiller’s career started in theater, where he appeared in various productions across the UK. He also appeared in many TV series and films, including Doctor Who, The Bill, and Spooks. However, it was his role in BBC’s drama ‘Being Human’ that brought him mainstream recognition. His portrayal of vampire villain Lucien was widely appreciated and praised by audiences and critics alike.

As an actor, Schiller has continued to work in both stage productions and on-screen projects. He has appeared in movies like ‘The Danish Girl’ and ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard.’ He has also lent his voice to video games like ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition.’

Personal Life

Adrian Schiller is known to keep his personal life private and away from the limelight. However, he was once married to a fellow actor named Rosie Cavaliero. They have a daughter together and are now divorced. Schiller has mentioned in interviews that he likes to spend his free time reading books and watching movies.


Adrian Schiller is known for his philanthropic work as well. He supports various charities, including Help Musicians UK, which provides support to musicians in times of need. He has also supported other organizations like The Prince’s Trust and The British Heart Foundation.

Quotes by Adrian Schiller

Adrian Schiller is known for his wisdom and inspiring words. Here are some of his quotes that will motivate and inspire you:

– “One of the great pleasures of my job is that I get to keep learning.”
– “The more you explore, the richer your life becomes.”
– “Being able to communicate effectively is the key to all success in life.”
– “Embrace your uniqueness, as that is what makes you stand out from the crowd.”
– “Don’t be afraid to take risks, as they often lead to great rewards.”


Q1. What is Adrian Schiller’s most famous role?

A1. Adrian Schiller is popularly known for his role as vampire Lucien in BBC’s ‘Being Human.’

Q2. What charities does Adrian Schiller support?

A2. Adrian Schiller supports various charities, including Help Musicians UK, The Prince’s Trust, and The British Heart Foundation.

Q3. Is Adrian Schiller married?

A3. Adrian Schiller was married to actor Rosie Cavaliero, and they have a daughter together. However, they are now divorced.

Q4. Does Adrian Schiller have any upcoming projects?

A4. As of now, there is no news of any upcoming projects by Adrian Schiller.

Q5. What was Adrian Schiller’s major in college?

A5. Adrian Schiller has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Bristol.

Q6. Does Adrian Schiller have a social media presence?

A6. Adrian Schiller is not very active on social media and does not have any public accounts.

Q7. What advice does Adrian Schiller give to aspiring actors?

A7. Adrian Schiller advises aspiring actors to keep exploring and learning. He also emphasizes the importance of effective communication and embracing one’s uniqueness.


In this blog post, we explored various aspects of Adrian Schiller’s life, career, philanthropy, and quotes. We hope that this in-depth exploration has helped you understand the enigmatic persona of Adrian Schiller. Despite being a well-known personality, Adrian Schiller’s life is still a mystery to many. However, his work and inspiring words continue to inspire and motivate people around the world. So, let’s learn from this talented actor and embrace our uniqueness to stand out from the crowd.

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