Unveiling the Life & Achievements of Danish Actor Troels Lyby


When we think of the entertainment world, the immediate image that flashes in our minds is probably that of Hollywood. However, there exist many talented actors, writers, and producers in different corners of the world who deserve recognition. Troels Lyby is one such name. He is a Danish actor whose work is a perfect blend of skill and realism. His acting is admired by many, but the truth is that not many are aware of his incredible journey and numerous accolades. In this blog post, we will be delving deep into the life and achievements of this immensely talented actor.

Early Life

Troels Lyby was born on June 31st, 1965, in the charming city of Aarhus, Denmark. He was always creative and showed a keen interest in the performing arts from an early age. He went to an acting school in Aarhus before joining the National School of Theatre, where he honed his skills to perfection. His raw talent and dedication to his craft was evident from the beginning.


Lyby started his career on stage and has acted in numerous plays for many years. In 1995, he made his debute in the Danish film industry, playing a small role in the feature film “Smilla’s Sense of Snow.” From there, there was no looking back, and he has gone on to appear in more than 40 films and television shows. He has also produced and written for some productions. In 2012, he made his famous appearance on the American TV-series ‘The Killing.’

Significant Roles

Troels Lyby’s career is complete with many critically acclaimed performances. A few of his significant roles include:

  • Thomas from the movie “Killing Myself to Live” (1998)
  • Sebastian from the film “Flickering Lights” (2000)
  • Niels from the movie “Things We Do For Love” (2013)
  • Lars from the comedy series “Badehotellet” (2013-2017)

In all these productions, Lyby’s talent as an actor shone bright and won the hearts of many.

Awards and Nominations

Troels Lyby’s performances have been appreciated by many across the world, and he has won several accolades for his work. Some of his notable awards include:

  • The Danish Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor in “Flickering Lights” (2001)
  • Bodil Award for Best Actor in “Oldboys” (2010)
  • Robert Award for Best Actor in “The Good Cop” (2004) and “Oldboys” (2010)

Interesting Facts

Here are some fun facts about Troels Lyby:

  • He is an avid sports enthusiast and loves playing soccer.
  • In addition to acting, he has also worked as an assistant on a film set.
  • He is also a writer and has written scripts for some productions.
  • He has a son, Valdemar, who is also an actor.


Q1. What is Troels Lyby famous for?

A1. Troels Lyby is famous as a talented Danish actor who has appeared in numerous films and television shows.

Q2. Has Troels Lyby won any awards?

A2. Yes, he has won several awards, including the Bodil Award for Best Actor in “Oldboys” (2010) and the Danish Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor in “Flickering Lights” (2001).

Q3. What was Troels Lyby’s debute film?

A3. Troels Lyby debute film was “Smilla’s Sense of Snow” in 1995.

Q4. What other roles has Troels Lyby played?

A4. Troels Lyby has played a wide variety of roles throughout his career, including Thomas in “Killing Myself to Live” and Lars in the comedy series “Badehotellet”.

Q5. Is Troels Lyby involved in any other creative fields?

A5. Yes, Troels Lyby is also a writer and has written scripts for various productions.

Q6. Does Troels Lyby have any children?

A6. Yes, Troels Lyby has a son named Valdemar, who is also an actor.

Q7. What is Troels Lyby’s birthplace?

A7. Troels Lyby was born in Aarhus, Denmark.


Troels Lyby is a remarkable individual with a successful career in acting, writing, and producing. His journey from humble beginnings in Aarhus to being recognized for his exceptional work is truly inspiring. With numerous awards and accolades under his belt, he continues to leave a mark in the Danish entertainment industry and beyond. It is necessary to acknowledge actors like Troels Lyby, who inspire us with their talents and dedication. We hope that this blog post has provided you with much-needed insights into the life and achievements of this remarkable actor.

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