Unveiling the Life and Legacy of Roshan Mahanama: A Cricketer, Referee, and Role Model


Roshan Mahanama, born on May 24, 1966, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is one of the finest cricketers to have represented Sri Lanka. Mahanama was a top-order batsman who played for Sri Lanka from 1986 to 1999. He made his debut against India at Ahmedabad in 1986 and went on to play 52 tests and 213 One-day Internationals (ODIs) for Sri Lanka.

Mahanama’s contribution to cricket goes beyond his playing days. He is also recognized as an International Cricket Council (ICC) Elite Panel Referee, a respected commentator, and an author. This blog post tells the story of Roshan Mahanama, his life, legacy as a cricketer, referee, and role model.

1. Early Life and Journey to Cricket:

Roshan Mahanama was born to a family of cricket enthusiasts, and his father played cricket for Kalutara District. Mahanama began his cricket journey as a wicketkeeper before becoming a top-order batsman. He attended Royal College in Colombo, where he excelled in both academics and cricket.

2. A Storied Career as a Cricketer:

Mahanama made his debut for Sri Lanka against India in 1986, but it wasn’t until his performance against New Zealand in 1989 that he established himself as a regular member of the team. Mahanama amassed 2,811 runs in tests at an average of 38.01 and 5,162 runs in ODIs at an average of 29.49 in his career. He was also the first Sri Lankan to score a test triple century, achieving the feat against India in 1997.

3. Mahanama the Referee:

After retiring from cricket, Mahanama turned to umpiring. He made his umpiring debut in 2002 and was appointed to the ICC Elite panel in 2006. He went on to umpire 58 tests and 222 ODIs, including two World Cup finals. Mahanama was also a match referee, officiating 26 tests, 82 ODIs, and nine T20Is.

4. Mahanama as a Commentator:

Mahanama has been a respected voice in cricket commentary since his retirement. He has worked with several broadcasters, including ESPN, Star, and Ten Sports. Mahanama is renowned for his insightful analysis, and he brings a unique perspective to every game.

5. The Author:

Mahanama is also an author. He has written two books, “Retired Hurt” and “Better Than a Thousand Days of Diligent Study,” both of which detail his experiences as a cricketer and an ICC Elite Panel Referee.

6. A Role Model for Future Generations:

Mahanama is more than just a cricketer, referee, and commentator. He is a role model for future generations. His success on and off the field is the result of his dedication, discipline, and hard work. Today, he continues to inspire cricketers and fans all over the world.

7. Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is Roshan Mahanama known for?
A. Roshan Mahanama is known for his contribution to cricket as a player, umpire, referee, commentator, and author.

Q2. What is Roshan Mahanama’s highest score in tests?
A. Roshan Mahanama’s highest score in tests is 225, which he achieved against India in 1997.

Q3. How many tests did Roshan Mahanama officiate as a match referee?
A. Roshan Mahanama officiated 26 tests as a match referee.

Q4. Does Roshan Mahanama still play cricket?
A. No, Roshan Mahanama retired from cricket in 1999.

Q5. What books has Roshan Mahanama authored?
A. Roshan Mahanama has authored two books, “Retired Hurt” and “Better Than a Thousand Days of Diligent Study.”

Q6. Is Roshan Mahanama a Sri Lankan?
A. Yes, Roshan Mahanama is a Sri Lankan.

Q7. When did Roshan Mahanama retire from cricket?
A. Roshan Mahanama retired from cricket in 1999.


Roshan Mahanama is one of Sri Lanka’s finest cricketers and an inspiration to cricket fans and young cricketers all over the world. His journey from being a top-order batsman to umpire, referee, commentator, and author is nothing short of exceptional. Roshan Mahanama’s dedication, hard work, and success on and off the field make him a role model for future generations of cricketers. His contributions have left a lasting impact, and he will forever be remembered as a true icon of the game.

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