Unveiling The Mastermind Behind Israel’s UN Diplomacy: David Pressman

Have you ever wondered how countries communicate with each other through the United Nations? Or how nations build working relationships and cooperate on matters such as global health, peace, and security? In this post, let us talk about the mastermind behind Israel’s UN diplomacy, David Pressman.

David Pressman is a renowned American attorney who has been serving as the UN ambassador of Israel since 2020. He is the principal advisor on the Israeli government’s international relations and diplomatic endeavors. In this post, we will uncover the life of David Pressman and how he has contributed to Israel’s position on the global diplomatic stage.

Early Life and Career

David Pressman was born and raised in New York City. He attended Yale University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, and later received his Juris Doctor degree from Berkeley Law School at the University of California.

Pressman began his career as a litigator at Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, a leading national law firm specializing in high-stakes commercial litigation. With his impressive legal career, he developed a broad range of relationships in international diplomacy.

Joining The Diplomatic Service

In 2014, Pressman joined the Obama Administration as the Director for War Crimes, Atrocities, and Civilian Protection on the National Security Council staff. In this role, he was responsible for advising President Obama and other senior officials on issues relating to mass atrocities and human rights abuses.

Pressman’s experience in the Obama Administration made him the perfect candidate to develop Israel’s diplomatic ties with the United States and the rest of the globe. In January 2020, he was appointed as Israel’s UN ambassador, replacing Danny Danon.

Achievements and Contributions

As the UN ambassador of Israel, Pressman has been instrumental in promoting the country’s interests on a global platform. He has represented Israel in various diplomatic conferences and discussions on international security, peace, and stability. He has also worked hard to promote the growth of global trade relations with Israel.

Pressman played a key role in leading Israel’s fight against antisemitism and delegitimization, particularly on college campuses through the “Build Bridges, Not Boycotts” initiative. He’s also helped drive the country’s diplomatic progress in Africa through its burgeoning technology sector.

Relationships With Other Nations

David Pressman has used his expertise in international diplomacy to foster relationships with countries worldwide. His ability to build and maintain relationships has been vital to Israel’s diplomatic progress.

Through his role, Pressman has established strong relationships with African nations, leading to several countries opening embassies in Israel. He also has a valuable relationship with the United States, working with the US government to establish relevant policies that support Israel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the role of a UN ambassador for a country?

A1. A UN ambassador is the highest-ranking diplomatic representative of a country to the United Nations. They are responsible for informing the world of their nation’s stance on global issues affecting the UN.

Q2. Who was David Pressman’s predecessor as Israeli UN ambassador?

A2. Danny Danon preceded David Pressman as Israel’s UN ambassador.

Q3. What is the “Build Bridges, Not Boycotts” initiative?

A3. The “Build Bridges, Not Boycotts” initiative is a campaign launched by Israel to fight antisemitism and delegitimization. The program aims to promote positive interaction between the Jewish state and global communities.

Q4. What is David Pressman’s role in African-Israeli relations?

A4. David Pressman has played a massive role in developing and maintaining Israel’s diplomatic ties with African countries.

Q5. How does David Pressman help Israel’s stance against antisemitism?

A5. Through his role as UN ambassador, David Pressman has led Israel’s fight against antisemitism and delegitimization. He has helped promote positive interactions between Israel and global communities through programs such as “Build Bridges, Not Boycotts.”

Q6. What is the “technological diplomacy” that Israel is developing in Africa?

A6. Israel is establishing a “technological diplomacy” in Africa to promote economic growth and development. The country’s flourishing start-up ecosystem is a significant contributor to the initiative.

Q7. What is the United States’ position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

A7. The United States recognizes Israel’s right to exist as an independent state, and the US supports a two-state solution that would create a separate Palestinian state living peacefully alongside Israel.


In conclusion, David Pressman is an exceptional UN ambassador who has been instrumental in promoting Israel’s interests on a global platform. His expertise in international diplomacy has been invaluable, and his contributions to African-Israeli relations and the fight against antisemitism are commendable. David Pressman’s role in shaping Israel’s diplomatic position is an inspiration for those who aim to create positive change through diplomatic means.

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