Bollywood, known as the heart of Indian cinema, is famous for its mesmerizing music and songs that can uplift anyone’s mood. But have you ever wondered who is behind the soulful and foot-tapping beats of these songs? Meet Suraj Jagan, the man who has lent his voice to some of Bollywood’s biggest hits and revolutionized the Indian music industry with his talent and innovation. In this blog post, we will delve into the life and journey of this musical genius and get to know him better.

Section 1: Early life

Suraj Jagan was born and brought up in Mumbai, India, in a middle-class family. His love for music started at an early age, where he would listen to his father’s collection of classic rock and roll albums and learn every song by heart. He started performing in college festivals and local gigs and soon realized that music was his true calling.

Section 2: Musical training

Suraj Jagan did not receive formal training in music but honed his skills by performing at various live shows and training himself. He trained himself in singing and also learned to play instruments like the guitar and drums. He was heavily influenced by bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin, and The Who.

Section 3: Early Career

In the early 90s, Suraj Jagan began his career as a member of various bands such as Dream Out Loud and Helga’s Fun Castle. In 1993, he formed his band called ‘The Superfuzz’ which gained a lot of popularity for its fusion of hard rock and Indian classical music.

Section 4: Bollywood Debut

Suraj Jagan made his Bollywood debut with the song ‘Give Me Some Sunshine’ from the movie 3 Idiots. The song became an instant hit and won him critical acclaim. Suraj’s powerful and energetic voice gave the song a unique edge and made it unforgettable.

Section 5: Bollywood Success

After the success of ‘Give Me Some Sunshine,’ Suraj Jagan became a prominent voice in Bollywood. He went on to sing some of the biggest hits of Bollywood like ‘Bolo Na’ from Chittagong, ‘Sapnon Se Bhare Naina’ from Luck By Chance, and ‘Lakh Lakh Thora’ from Shuddh Desi Romance. His voice has a magical quality that can make any song memorable and enjoyable.

Section 6: Genre-Bending Music

Suraj Jagan is known for his genre-bending music and his ability to fuse Indian classical and Western rock music. He has experimented with different styles of music and infused them with his own unique touch. He believes in creating music that is not only entertaining but also has a message and can inspire people.

Section 7: Awards and Recognition

Suraj Jagan’s contribution to the Indian music industry has been recognized with various awards and accolades. He won the Filmfare award for Best Playback Singer for the song ‘Give Me Some Sunshine’ and was nominated for various other awards. Suraj Jagan has become a household name and is widely regarded as one of the most talented singers in India.


Q1. What is Suraj Jagan’s net worth?
A. Suraj Jagan’s net worth is estimated to be around $1-5 million.

Q2. Does Suraj Jagan write his own songs?
A. Yes, Suraj Jagan writes his own songs and lyrics.

Q3. Is Suraj Jagan married?
A. Yes, Suraj Jagan is married and has a daughter.

Q4. What are Suraj Jagan’s hobbies?
A. Apart from music, Suraj Jagan enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with his family.

Q5. What is Suraj Jagan’s favorite music genre?
A. Suraj Jagan’s favorite music genre is Rock and Roll.

Q6. What is the most popular song of Suraj Jagan?
A. ‘Give Me Some Sunshine’ from the movie 3 Idiots is the most popular song of Suraj Jagan.

Q7. How many albums has Suraj Jagan released?
A. Suraj Jagan has released two albums, ‘The Story So Far’ and ‘Best of Suraj Jagan.’


Suraj Jagan is a musical genius who has made a significant contribution to the Indian music industry. His soulful voice and genre-bending music have won the hearts of millions of fans. Suraj Jagan’s journey is an inspiration for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams and succeed in life. Let us all celebrate this musical icon and continue to enjoy his magical music.

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