Diogo Infante is a talented actor and director who has shown remarkable versatility in his career. Known for his captivating performances and directorial skills, he has gained a following both in Portugal and other parts of the world. If you’re looking for a versatile personality to admire, Diogo Infante is someone you should definitely know. In this post, we will explore the talents and accomplishments of Diogo Infante as an actor and director.

The Early Years:

Born on May 28th, 1967, in Lisbon, Diogo Infante started his career as a child actor in Portugal’s National Theatre, Dona Maria II. Further along, he earned his degree in theater at the National Conservatory and went on to perform in various productions across the country. His work with the theater company Artistas Unidos remains a standout moment in his career.

Diogo Infante on the Silver Screen:

Diogo Infante has always been an accomplished stage actor, but he has also delivered noteworthy performances on the silver screen. In 1990, he made his acting debut in the Portuguese movie “A Idade Maior.” Among his notable film roles include “A Falha” and “Um Homem Não É Um Gato.” His most recent movie roles include work with renowned directors like António-Pedro Vasconcelos and João Canijo in “Parque Mayer” and “Sangue Do Meu Sangue,” respectively.

Directorial Success:

Diogo Infante has a passion for directing that dates back to a young age. He has directed outstanding productions such as “Anything Goes,” “The Tempest,” and “Cabaret.” His work as a director has won him great acclaim, particularly his production of “Floribella, A Peça,” which has been performed in a variety of countries. In 2013, he directed his first feature film, “Doida Por Ti,” which received a lot of attention from movie critics and viewers alike.

Diogo Infante in Television:

Television has also been a significant platform for Diogo Infante. He starred in Portugal’s famous soap opera, “Jardins Proibidos,” which was viewed by a worldwide audience. In 2006, he hosted the Portuguese version of “The Weakest Link” and “The X Factor.” In 2020, he starred in the Portuguese television series “Amor Amor,” which received high viewership ratings.

Philanthropy and Humanitarian Work:

Diogo Infante has additional talents beyond his work in the entertainment industry. He is a generous philanthropist who has used his fame for good causes. In 1994, he founded the Aspas (Associação Portuguesa de Ação Social) Foundation to promote humanitarian actions and help those in need. He has devoted much of his free time and resources to the betterment of society.

Diogo Infante on His Legacy:

Diogo Infante has accomplished so much throughout his career. What does he hope his legacy will be? In a recent interview, he admitted that the story he wants to leave behind is one of a man who was always willing to work hard and study. He hopes to inspire young people to adopt the same attitude in their careers and personal lives.


Q1. What is Diogo Infante known for?
Diogo Infante is best known for his work as an actor and director in Portugal and internationally.

Q2. What are some notable movies that Diogo Infante has acted in?
Diogo Infante’s notable movie roles include “A Falha,” “Um Homem Não É Um Gato,” “Parque Mayer” and “Sangue Do Meu Sangue.”

Q3. What are some productions that Diogo Infante directed?
Diogo Infante directed “Anything Goes,” “The Tempest,” “Cabaret,” and “Floribella, A Peça” among others.

Q4. What philanthropic work has Diogo Infante done?
Diogo Infante founded the Aspas Foundation in 1994 to promote humanitarian actions and help those in need.

Q5. Has Diogo Infante won any awards for his work?
Diogo Infante has won several awards for his acting and directing, including the Portuguese Golden Globe Best Actor award and the Medalha Municipal de Mérito – Cultural.

Q6. What was Diogo Infante’s first feature film as a director?
Diogo Infante’s first feature film as a director was “Doida Por Ti” in 2013.

Q7. What is Diogo Infante’s hope for his legacy?
Diogo Infante hopes to leave behind a story of a man who was willing to work hard and study to inspire young people to adopt the same attitude.


Diogo Infante is a dynamic, versatile, and talented actor and director who has gained fame in Portugal and beyond. With his engaging performances, excellent directing skills, and philanthropic work, he is an inspiration to many. His dedication, hard work, and passion for his craft are a testament to the kind of legacy that he wants to leave behind. By following his example, we can all aspire to achieve greatness in our own fields of interest.

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