Have you ever heard of Jason Johnson? He was a professional race car driver born in Louisiana who made his mark in the world of racing. Jason was known for his hard work, dedication, and fearlessness when racing on the tracks. Sadly, Jason passed away in 2018 after a tragic accident. However, his legacy remains alive, and people still celebrate his achievements to this day. In this blog post, we will dive into Jason Johnson’s life, detailing his career, accomplishments, and legacy.

Section 1: Early Life and Career

Jason Johnson was born on December 26, 1976, in Eunice, Louisiana. His father ran a car dealership, and this is where Jason’s interest in cars started. Jason began his racing career at the young age of eight, racing go-karts. He won several championships as a go-karter and later transitioned to sprint car racing. By the time he was 22, Jason had become a professional sprint car driver and made his mark in the World of Outlaws racing series.

Section 2: Accomplishments

Over the course of his career, Jason Johnson achieved several accomplishments. He won more than 250 races in his career, including the World of Outlaws championship in 2016. He also won a record eight ASCS championships and four Winter Heat Showdowns. Additionally, Jason was also awarded the 2015 Knoxville Nationals Rookie of the year award. These accomplishments were not easy, and Jason had to work hard to earn them.

Section 3: Driving Style

Jason Johnson was known for his fearless driving style. He showcased an aggressive and confident personality on the track, which earned him the nickname “The Ragin’ Cajun”. He was a competitor who never backed down from a challenge. Jason was always focused on winning and pushing his limits, which made him stand out from the rest of the drivers.

Section 4: Life Outside Racing

Aside from his racing career, Jason Johnson was also a devoted husband and father. He was married to his wife, Bobbie, for 13 years and had a son named Jaxx. Jason was also actively involved in philanthropy, donating his time and resources to several charities and community outreach programs.

Section 5: The Tragedy

In 2018, Jason Johnson was racing in Wisconsin when he was involved in a tragic accident. He was traveling at a high speed and hit the wall, causing his car to flip several times. Jason suffered severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital, where he later passed away. This was a significant loss to the racing community, and many fans and fellow drivers mourned his passing.

Section 6: Legacy

Jason Johnson’s legacy lives on through his achievements and the impact he had on the racing community. Many drivers and fans have paid their tributes to Jason, including his son Jaxx, who has followed in his father’s footsteps and has started racing go-karts himself. The World of Outlaws series also introduced the Jason Johnson Racing Award, which is given to the driver who best exemplifies Jason’s spirit and work ethic.

Section 7: FAQs

Q: What is Jason Johnson known for?

A: Jason Johnson is known for being a professional race car driver, winning championships, and showcasing a fearless driving style.

Q: How many championships did Jason Johnson win?

A: Jason Johnson won a total of eight ASCS championships, a World of Outlaws championship, and four Winter Heat Showdowns.

Q: Was Jason Johnson involved in philanthropy?

A: Yes, Jason Johnson was actively involved in philanthropy and donated his time and resources to several charities and community outreach programs.

Q: What was the cause of Jason Johnson’s death?

A: Jason Johnson was involved in a tragic accident while racing in Wisconsin, which caused severe injuries and later resulted in his passing.

Q: How is Jason Johnson’s legacy honored?

A: Jason Johnson’s legacy is honored through the Jason Johnson Racing Award, tributes from fellow drivers and fans, and his son Jaxx, who has started racing go-karts in his father’s honor.

Q: When did Jason Johnson begin his racing career?

A: Jason Johnson began his racing career at the young age of eight, racing go-karts.

Q: What was Jason Johnson’s driving style?

A: Jason Johnson’s driving style was aggressive, confident, and fearless, earning him the nickname “The Ragin’ Cajun”.


Jason Johnson’s story is one of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. He worked tirelessly to achieve his goals and leave a lasting impact on the racing community. While his passing was a tragic loss, his legacy remains alive and celebrated to this day. Jason’s achievements are a reminder that with hard work, anything is possible. Let us continue to celebrate his life and accomplishments and keep his spirit alive.

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